Killing Folk with Captain Xyxlox!

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Episode 1 : Line of Sight

HI KIDS! Welcome to “Killing Folk”, I’m your friend Captain Xyxlox! Today we’re going to be talking about hunting down and killing repulsive man-apes! Now, your average human is a tricksy fellow and may try to run somewhere you can’t see him, so it is very important to know what sort of obstacles on a starship will interfere with clear shots. Because remember what Uncle Xilx says! “A clear shot makes all six arms happy!”.

The first thing to understand is line of sight. To attack someone, you have to have line of sight to them. Line of sight is pretty restricted, to see someone you need to be able to draw an unobstructed line from the center of your square to the center of theirs.

In the example here Xyxlox can obviously see the diplomat (there is nothing between them) and obviously can’t see the engineer (the engine is in the way). The others are less intuitive. You can draw some unobstructed lines from Xyxlox’ square to the marine’s square, but not center to center. Xyxlox can’t see the marine because the center to center line passes through part of the wall and life support equipment.

The view of the scientist is the hardest to remember. Despite being adjacent, the line from center to center passes through the corner of the engine meaning that line of sight is blocked. The lone mathematical point is sufficient to break line of sight (to be fair the art bulks up the corners a bit to help remind you).

Characters and items don’t block line of sight. Xyxlox can shoot the pilot to his heart’s delight, the only effect is a -1 to hit for each intervening character. Items may or may not impose a -1 to hit depending on their size, personal equipment won’t, cargo barrels will, anything inbetween you should ask.

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Killing Folk with Captain Xyxlox!

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