Finding Work

In port, the crew can find available work after searching for d6 days by making a diplomacy check. The difficulty is:

8 – Rank + 3/extra job + 3 to select the source + 3/extra complication

There are three possible sources of work, commercial deliveries, government work, and the black market.

By adding three to the difficulty of the check the crew may select the source of the job found, otherwise it will be random on 2d6:

2 – 5: Government (UREF, or local Navy)
6 – 9: Commerce
10 – 12 (Black Market)

Complications are little twists that make the job more difficult/interesting/profitable. Maybe the cargo is explosive, maybe it’s well known to pirates, maybe it is a horrifying Cthulhu summoning amulet? Who knows?

Finding Work

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