The crew starts with a debt of 75,000cr to Jeetoma corporation, a banking syndicate spread throughout known space.

Every day the debt accrues 50cr of interest for each 50,000cr of principle or fraction thereof, so will start at 50cr a day. If the debt passes 100,000cr the daily interest will become 150cr, if it drops to 50,000cr the interest will only be 50cr per day.

Strictly speaking the crew do not have to make any payments until the end of the year, but there are two reasons they may want to pay early. First, the interest considerations mentioned above, and second because it builds prestige. For each 25cr paid towards their debt the crew each earn 1 prestige.

As an aside, the GM will be tracking the crew’s overall profits and awarding 1 experience point per 25cr in profit made.


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