Clone data may be updated at any civilized world at a cost of 1,000cr per person. Your clone scan allows Clone Corp. to manufacture a clone with your memories, personality, skills, and experience a perfect copy from that point. For metaphysical reasons not well understood the clone will be comatose unless or until the original dies, at which point the clone activates immediately (physicists are very interested in how information travels instantly from the place of death to the cloning site regardless of distance).

A character who dies with a clone contract will find themselves awakening in a cloning facility remembering nothing since their last update. The contract covers delivery of the awakened clone to any planet in known space and typically takes three days per parsec. Clone Corp. is important enough to enough people that their transports are rarely interfered with (no one really wants Clone Corp. angry enough at them to cut them off, though there are some black market cloning facilities that serve pirates and other undesirables).

Clone banks are maintained on most civilized planets, the closest clone to the place of death will awaken if there are multiple clones made. A standard clone contract calls for one clone to be made in each sector (on Canos, Clone Corp, Zoalla Beta, Freedom, Tweet, and Chronos).

The same scanning technology that allows exact reproduction of living things can (in theory) be used on bots to create a perfect copy, but only the very rich & extremely eccentric would waste the money.

In the event that multiple clones are made of the same person, the earliest created will activate first. Temporal priority trumps spacial priority, i.e. an older clone will active before a closer newer clone.

Judges and juries have considerable discretion in holding clones responsible for the bad acts of their progenitors or not. Typically clones will be held responsible for acts committed by their progenitors before but not after their creation.


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