Killing Folk with Captain Xyxlox! - Episode 2

Episode 2: Running Folk Down and Staying Frosty!

HI KIDS! Welcome to “Killing Folk”, I’m your friend Captain Xyxlox! It’s hard to imagine, but your average human only has four limbs, making the beast is much slower than a noble Xeloxian warrior. Sillier still, it can only walk on half its legs! Today we’re going to learn about how to run down a human and shoot it before it can shoot you, because remember what Uncle Xilx says! “Shoot first. Shoot often!”

The holy grail of boarding actions is being able to shoot people without being shot yourself. Shooting first is a close second though, and in the example below Xyxlox is in a position to do just that.

Captain Xyxlox has just finished his turn across from an enemy covered by the science console. When the move five scientist’s turn comes around, he won’t be able to move further than the square marked “3” if he wants to act, meaning he can’t get line of sight and shoot.

Because Xyxlox can move seven squares (having allocated five limbs to movement) he could get to square “1” if the scientist holds position and shoot him first. Sure the scientist could shoot back next turn, but Xyxlox is at a big advantage by shooting first.

Absent any other rules, the faster combatant can position himself out of reach and get the drop on slower folk who are forced to fall back or get shot first.

Remember “absent any other rules”? There is defense against the above tactic in the form of “overwatch”. Instead of taking an action a character may go on “overwatch” and delay their action until some condition is met. Finding himself against the faster Canosian (who has him in the same bind the scientist above was in) he can take his action to go on overwatch to shoot the first Canosian he sees. It spends his action for the turn, but it means that if the Canosian approaches him he can shoot it as soon as it comes into line of sight (before the Canosian gets to shoot). Thanks to overwatch, Xyxlox still gets to shoot first if the Canosian rushes him.

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Killing Folk with Captain Xyxlox! - Episode 2

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