Session 6 - Mirror Match

Stardates 04.24.2349 – 05.08.2349

The crew are pulled out of hyperspace by a trap left behind by an unknown race in the rift. They find themselves face to face with a ship identical to their own, crewed by their exact duplicates, and a sphere in space between them.

Knowing that they were dealing with dangerous and unstable killers (i.e. themselves) a healthy tension developed as the two crews worked to figure out what had happened and how to escape with lives and souls intact.

Eventually factions formed, not crew against crew, but pair against pair. The crews were jumpy enough that both science officers decided to withhold and censor the information they passed on to their trigger happy companions and the Bot and Chronosian marine became convinced that they needed to kill the others to escape safely.

The mutiny was short lived but bloody. Two Chronosians in power armor meant four Chronosians time jumping around shooting at people. Still, with cunning application of OOC to lock down the non-space legs having mutineers the majority of the crew prevailed and made a deal with the marauding Chronosian.

In exchange for not firing satchel charges at the heavily damaged ship (~115 damage IIRC) they agreed to put him off the ship at the next port rather than kill him.

Still, everyone survived, was reunited with their severed half, and avoid blowing up their ship, so all in all an overwhelming result.


stephengingell stephengingell

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