8 - Retake the Hyperspace Relay Part 2

Stardate 05.09.2349

The crew discover that the station has been seized by a military detachment of the Trundlian and Whistler governments to a) hold the station so that ships can’t spread word of the assault on Bloot to the Zoallan’s in nearby sector 3 and b) destroy the relay if they look like they’re going to lose control of it.

The crew storm the compound the troops are holding and are very nearly all killed. At the 11th hour they do prevail though, and take the station before the defenders have time to irreversibly damage the relay. Some fancy engineering checks later the relay is back online and the crew are free to leave.

But where to? Something big is going on in sector 5 and efforts to stop news spreading to the other sectors means they anticipate resistance. Where to go now? Investigate sector 5? Warn the capital? Figure out how war profiteering works? Tune in after our holiday hiatus to find out where the crew will go from here.

The map we used for this scenario is Armored Cartographer’s beautiful “Remote Listening Post” designed for the (now defunct) Star Wars Miniatures game. 3rd party (i.e. non-Wizards of the Coast) maps are ideal for Battlestations as they have to avoid anything too explicitly Star Wars for copyright reasons, leaving you with a nice generic science fiction setting designed with balanced skirmish combat in mind.


stephengingell stephengingell

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