7 - Retake the Hyperspace Relay Part 1

Stardate 05.08.2349

Arriving on Crystallia, the crew discovers that an unknown commando force has taken control of the local hyperspace relay. The relay serves as a beacon which allows ships in hyperspace to orient themselves and jump out of the system safely. The crew could leave without bringing it back online, but would be jumping blind in a random direction and distance.

Also greeting them on arrival were a handful of refugee ships fleeing a major assault on Bloot. Reports are that a massive mixed fleet of Trundlians and Whistlers had attacked and seized Bloot for purposes unknown. Bloot is notable in being home to a wormhole that allows safe passage across the rift, depositing ships right next to the borders of sectors one, two, and three.

Closing on the space station that housed the relay the crew engaged a size 8 Whistler vessel and took it out with a successful boarding action.

We ended the session before the PC’s could assault the fortified station…


stephengingell stephengingell

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