Session 1 - Fun with Pirates!

Stardates: 01.01.2349 – 02.16.2349

The crew started out their trading career on Earth, where they took on a passenger and as much biological material as they could afford and set off for Stoccy’s Haven by way of New America.

The ship made it into New America and made an absolute killing on the biologicals and passed on to Stoccy’s Haven. A brief interlude with a navy vessel left their fugitive passenger undetected, but the crew were pulled out of hyperspace by a pirate vessel with a warp inhibitor. At this point their passenger announced “I’m helping!” and proceeded to muck about with the teleporter until driven off by Captain Cling’s diplomatic efforts. The pirates bit off more than they could chew and were driven off by cannon and missile fire.

SC077-E earned 310 experience, Cling, Katalak, & Silently Judging You, earned 341 thanks to mentor chips. All earned 280 prestige by running off a pirate ship (60), sucessfully completing an encounter (150), and paying down 1,750cr of their debt to Jeetoma. Cling’s fame boosted his Prestige to 308.


stephengingell stephengingell

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