Killing Folk with Captain Xyxlox! - Episode 4

Episode 4: Pop pop pop! Down goes the human!

HI KIDS! Nothing’s more fun than popping up to shoot a grubby human and then popping away before he knows what hit him! Free hint kids! It was plasma! There’s no need to plod around a battlefield like a lump, bounce around and have a good time. Remember what Uncle Xlix says! “Float like a Canosian, sting like a rocket grenade!”


A pop isn’t part of normal movement, but rather special movement tacked onto an action. Here, for example, Xyxlox needs to move in order to draw line of sight to the human marine. After he takes his standard move he’s got line of sight, but will be shot in return if the marine survives. The alternative is a pop.


To pop, Xyxlox moves into position as shown, one square short of being in line of sight. That’s all of his normal move.

The pop comes in combination with his action and can be used one of two ways. Here, he can move one square, attack at -1, then move back to his original square. Any action that is part of a pop will be at -1, and the second square of movement has to be back into your original square. The net result here is that Xyxlox moves into square ‘6’, shoots, then moves back.

The other way to use a pop is to take an action at -1, then move one square. Xyxlox’s alternative would have been to move into square ‘6’, shoot at -1, then move one square any direction he liked.

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Killing Folk with Captain Xyxlox! - Episode 4

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