Killing Folk with Captain Xyxlox! - Episode 3

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Episode 3: Flushing Folk out of Cover!

HI KIDS! Welcome to “Killing Folk”, I’m your friend Captain Xyxlox! The human is fundamentally a cowardly creature, and will need to be dug out. A quick peek around the corner will tempt the creature into firing, but given his sloppy aim and lack of useful limbs, he’ll generally miss. Remember what Uncle Xlix says “If you keep moving you’ll keep killing!”

Overwatch can lead to standoffs. In the example here, whoever breaks cover first is going to be shot, meaning that both combatants have an interest is staying hidden. That might be fine if Xyxlox’s goal is to prevent the crew of a boarded ship from doing anything except going on overwatch (the human marine here isn’t firing a cannon for example if he wants to maintain his overwatch).

If the goal is to a) keep moving or b) kill folk someone is going to have to break the standoff. There are a couple of options here.

Xyxlox can “peek”, which is a modifier to a move action. At the cost of one square of movement, Xyxlox can peek around the corner, in effect he occupies both squares as illustrated below. While peeking he counts as being in both squares, but attackers get a -3 to hit unless they have line of sight to both squares. Here, the human marine can shoot (and shoot first), but he’ll be at a -3 to hit. For a further one square of movement Xyxlox can move completely into either square.

Battle stations map copy

An alternative way of breaking the standoff is available to the human marine, namely tossing a grenade into the square adjacent to Xyxlox and run into a position where he couldn’t be seen (even if Xyxlox moves). Xyxlox will have a turn before it goes off, and either moves out of his position or take the grenade blast. This technique works even better if the human has a rocket pistol, which will allow him to injure Xyxlox immediately.


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Killing Folk with Captain Xyxlox! - Episode 3

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