Galactic Map

The map image is much larger than it looks, if you open the image alone you’ll get it at full resolution.

The color of a planet indicates which species controls it:

  • Blue for Humans
  • Orange for Canosians
  • Pale Blue for Tentacs
  • Yellow for Zoallans
  • Red for Xeloxians
  • Green for Whistlers
  • Pink for Trundlians

The colored border around a planet’s hex shows which sector it is in and the style of the line indicates what good (if any) the planet produces a surplus of. Thin lines indicate no surplus goods, dashes indicate energy, hash marks biologicals, and thick lines indicate Ore.

The numbers by the planet’s name are used to generate a random planet. Roll d6 for the sector then 2d6 for the planet within the sector.

Galactic Map

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