Session 3 - Hot Rocks

Stardates 03.08.2349 – 03.29.2349

The crew decided to arm themselves at New Asia and took on some heavy weapons and supporting cyberware when it was noticed that SC077-E wasn’t suggesting anything to buy or commenting on the advisability of giving one of the tumbleweeds a rocket launcher. An inspection of his systems indicated that his self-respect chip had failed, leaving him without any sort of pride. The repairs seemed like hard work, so it was decided just to let the bot’s auto-repair function handle it in time. After all, SC077-E still worked more or less, you just had to give him orders.

Not finding any work to their liking, the crew took on ten units of energy at an excellent price, planning to forge on to Fungaloid and at least have that to sell at a profit.

About two weeks out of Fungaloid the crew responded to a recorded message from a Silicoid ship in distress. Warping in they found a size 8 Silicoid ship on fire covered with unconscious and / or burning crew. After some trouble with the helm, the crew managed to beam Silently Judging You and SC077-E across to control the fires and resuscitate the crew. Not only did the crew manage to rescue the entire crew of sixteen, they did it before the ship broke up from the fire. It took ~140 damage, but it didn’t break up…

Continuing on to Fungaloid the crew heard rumors of growing dissatisfaction in the Republic. Grumbling about human control of the Republic has escalated into shouting matches in the Senate over the border between Sector 1 and Sector 6 and if more ships should be commissioned to control piracy.

Commodity prices on entry were: 800 for energy, 300 for biologicals, and 200 for ore.

Session 2 - Bug Hunt!
Crew! We are LEAVING!

Stardates: 02.16.2349 – 03.08.2349

Starting from Stoccy’s Haven, the Crew took advantage of an affordable missile bay upgrade kit and looked for paying work.

They took on Proto-Maximized Baubles for delivery to Crystallia and Macro-Flavored Packaging bound for Newest Zealand and sat down to plan their route. First step was New Asia in the hopes of picking up cheap energy as trade goods for the trip.

In hyperspace on route to New Asia they received a distress call from a UREF outpost (with the ominous map designation of LV-426) and dropped out of warp to investigate. Floating around the planet was a ship sized living sphere that moved out of orbit attacked the ship. A good cannon shot and a terrible hull check later the beast was dead and the crew scanned the planet below finding that there were UREF survivors on site.

After landing, the crew made their way into the damaged outpost and found themselves beset by swarms of aggressive alien bugs! Fighting their way back to the survivors, they found them cocooned to the walls and set about rescuing them. Then there were a lot of bugs and the plan changed to just killing the survivors so their clones would activate. Then there were a LOT of bugs. The plan changed to getting out with some cargo as treasure. Then there were A LOT OF BUGS. The plan became get out alive.

A badly battered crew made it back to their ship with a swarm of bugs in tow and slammed the door on them. Twenty three of the bugs lay dead, but countless more looked up at the ship as it rose into the air lamenting their lack of wings.

After leaving a warning buoy stating “BUGS! Don’t go down there! Nuke the site from orbit, it’s the only way to be sure” the crew completed the trip to New Asia and passed on their report to the UREF who paid them handsomely for the data and their valiant efforts.

Session 1 - Fun with Pirates!

Stardates: 01.01.2349 – 02.16.2349

The crew started out their trading career on Earth, where they took on a passenger and as much biological material as they could afford and set off for Stoccy’s Haven by way of New America.

The ship made it into New America and made an absolute killing on the biologicals and passed on to Stoccy’s Haven. A brief interlude with a navy vessel left their fugitive passenger undetected, but the crew were pulled out of hyperspace by a pirate vessel with a warp inhibitor. At this point their passenger announced “I’m helping!” and proceeded to muck about with the teleporter until driven off by Captain Cling’s diplomatic efforts. The pirates bit off more than they could chew and were driven off by cannon and missile fire.

SC077-E earned 310 experience, Cling, Katalak, & Silently Judging You, earned 341 thanks to mentor chips. All earned 280 prestige by running off a pirate ship (60), sucessfully completing an encounter (150), and paying down 1,750cr of their debt to Jeetoma. Cling’s fame boosted his Prestige to 308.


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