Session 4 - Run Away!

Stardates 03.29.2349 – 04.13.2349

The crew started the session on Fungaloid where they sold some of their supply of energy (despite lackluster demand) to raise enough money to buy a new hull! Equipped with two brand spanking new cargo bays and a very affordable sick bay, the crew took on a Chronosian marine as full partner taking an equal share of any profits and being responsible for an equal share of the crew’s debt. The extra hands would certainly come in useful as both Cling and Kattalack were out of commision with a particularly nasty Canosian virus.

Looking for work found the crew taking a contract with the UREF to escort a civilian freighter to Zoalla Gamma as well as smuggling a fugitive Zoallan to Bloot. On the theory that it would make him easier to smuggle, the crew talked their passenger into being frozen and set off.

A trip across the sector border meant a run in with a custom’s frigate, but the Zoallan was well enough hidden to avoid capture. After setting off again, the crew were jerked out of hyperspace by an explosion in the hyperdrive which dropped them down into real space where a hostile ship was waiting for them. As the crew set about preparing to run, a series of explosions rocked the ship and they realized they had a saboteur aboard. Try as they might, the enemy ship just couldn’t catch up with the heroes before they jumped away, and the stowaway Xoloxian marine was easily subdued (well, shot until he stopped moving then left to bleed out as the crew attended to other problems).

Not wanting to let their captive get away, the crew froze the boarder and hired an ethically flexible medic on Zoalla Gamma to quietly revive him for questioning. Upon questioning the crew discovered that he was an agent of the Xeloxian government sent to take the Zoallan passenger into custody. Upon suggesting that his embassy would pay for his return, the crew offered to throw in the Zoallan for an acceptable price and (after some precautions) trooped down to the Xeloxian consulate to negociate a price. The crew’s opening offer was 26,000 credits which the Xeloxian government paid without batting an eye. And, just like that, a fugitive was turned over to the proper authorities. At midnight. Through the back door. Drugged and in a sack.

Still, the money was good and its not like it will ever catch up with the crew. Right?


stephengingell stephengingell

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