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Battlestations is a hybrid between a board game and a more traditional RPG. Starships are laid out using modular tiles. Each tile lets the ship do something different, an engine generates power, a helm lets you turn and so on. The players control crewmembers who run from module to module trying to get the ship to do what they want.

This wiki is for a “How Much for Your Planet?” Battlestations campaign where the players are small scale interplanetary traders trying to make a profit, get out from under their debt, and generally kick around the galaxy having adventures.

The tone is pretty light, death is mitigated by very sophisticated cloning technology and weird and silly aliens abound. One of the strongest elements of the design is that there are always tradeoffs and always too many things your character needs to do. You get a limited number of modules to make up your ship, do you want more cargo space for more profits or an extra cannon to defend what you carry? Etc… In game the play tends to be an issue of a) this module is damaged, b) that character is unconscious, c) the enemy is battering down the shields, and d) a boarding marine is lurking about the ship shooting at people. You only have time to deal with one of those, so choose carefully.

The official site is here, but the yahoo message group is where most of the activity online takes place.


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